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Doctor and Patient

Tabitha Lustig, ARNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner. She provides primary care to adults over 18, in an outpatient internal medicine setting. I am my patient’s partner in health and wellness. She treats chronic health conditions such as diabetes, diabetic associated complications such as neuropathy, heart failure, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, dementia, high cholesterol, back pain, arthritis, upper respiratory conditions such as asthma, and lower respiratory conditions such as COPD, heart burn and reflux, urinary tract disorders, migraines, and skin disorders. The primary focus of all visits is to help patients maintain the highest level of health they can, and counseling is provided on keeping patients updated on proper health screenings and vaccinations in addition to comprehensive physical exams as part of their healthcare plan. 

Tabitha comes from a family of retired army and nursing backgrounds. She married to a wonderful Civil Engineer, and am a mother of 5, 3 daughters and 2 sons. She grew up in Southern California and yes,  "was a “valley girl”. She moved to Las Vegas Nevada which is where she spent most of my adult life. She attended UNLV for both her undergraduate and masters degrees, "Go Rebels!" She absolutely loves 80’s music (no, sadly she does not still have her leg warmers or bangle bracelets). She is an avid quilter and quilts as much as possible. Her two sons are both eagle scouts which feels her family with pride. She enjoys traveling with her spouse to pretty much anywhere near the ocean. She lives each day with the goal of being the best person she possibly can. She loves In N Out Burger, Trader Joes and BJ’s Restaurant, and writes to these companies regularly for them to bring their awesomeness here to Tri Cities Washington. Tabitha believes we are all connected and caring for each other translates into a better community and life. 

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