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Accepting new patients 18 and older.  Preferred and in-network with most insurances are accepted. Please feel free to contact office for more information. 

Care provided by Nurse Practitioners


A nurse practitioner, allows me to use my skills as a clinician to diagnose and treat patients much the same as a physician would. Nurse practitioners are expert clinicians who are educated to assess, diagnose, and treat medical conditions. We prescribe medication, refer you to physical therapy and specialist as needed, and determine your disability status. Our philosophy of care is holistic and emphasizes disease prevention and health promotion. Nurse practitioners earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing prior to earning their masters degrees, with additional training in advance practice, and then we are able to test for our board certification, much like a doctor is required to pass their medical exam. We undergo extensive education in pathophysiology, microbiology, epidemiology, and pharmacology while completing patient simulations and rigorous clinical rotations. I am proud to be a nurse practitioner as it allows me to care for others. My patients become part of my family. I awake every morning with the goal of helping my patients live a better healthier life. I am excited to participate in their care and look forward to hearing about their life experiences which assist me in formulating a plan of care with their beliefs and ethics as a base. I enjoy personalizing patients care to each patient individually and it is this which makes my medical practice different and unique from other primary care providers/ offices. 

  • 30 min

    Healthcare Exams
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